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Senior Insight - Assisted Living Management Software

About SI

The Senior Insight Platform (SIP): Hybrid EMR/EHR for Senior Living Providers

Senior Insight’s primary focus is on electronic health records/medical records (EHR/EMR) for the senior living industry, offering a comprehensive, robust SaaS application. The SIP is accessed via the internet on a subscription basis, allowing healthcare providers to access the latest, most up-to- date information online. SaaS has multiple functions, including serving as a database that also acts as a single communication portal for all of your operational needs.

Senior Insight, Inc., enables senior living providers to manage all functions of the organization, whether you operate a single community or are part of a larger operation with multiple facilities in multiple states.

Over the past fifteen years, we have developed the comprehensive Senior Insight Platform (SIP), a proven, user-friendly, hybrid electronic health and medical record system.

All Senior Insight software maintenance and updates reside on HIPAA compliant dedicated cloud servers with fail-safe redundancy and disaster recovery for extra security.

As a customer, you will have access to expert support and the full knowledge base of experienced users. We solve problems, save you time and promote quality of care.


About The Senior Insight Platform (SIP)

Senior Insight CEO, Vincent Saturnino, a licensed Nursing Home Administrator for 22 years running, is the original technical developer and entrepreneur that founded the Senior Insight Platform (SIP) over fifteen years ago. This experience has shaped all SIP modules to include functionality based on real-world experience and provide navigation that works for users at all levels.

Our SIP platform offers many features with a very large distinction when compared to our competitors. That distinction is this: SIP doesn’t require a strict adherence to our pre-defined workflow for you to be in compliance and see the benefits of using the software. We don't dictate how you should work with our software, we have developed our platform to support what you already do.

Our competitors will sell you on the idea of "If you use this, you will obtain these benefits. We ask "How are you currently doing that?"

You can use the SI platform to save time and make the desired improvements within the culture and systems that are already in place in your organization.

The SIP is a software platform which works with existing processes and can fulfill the unique requirements of each provider.

We don’t prescribe the methods; we provide the tools.



Fully, HIPAA compliant, all SIP Modules give providers total control over the number of users and type of access allowed to each Module.

Providers can customize and configure each user's access, add and modify user permissions, restrict access to certain features and locations, giving administrators complete control to access rights and user roles that best suit your community needs.