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Senior Insight - Assisted Living Management Software

Success Stories

Our Success Stories

Mount View Assisted Living

As a newly opened community we found Senior Insight to be particularly helpful. It was the perfect time to get staff involved and using the software helped us by having some systems in place. It gave us just enough structure when needed and plenty of options as we were filling up our community. In working with the team at Senior Insight we were comfortable implementing features at our own pace and only when it made sense to do so. We have been very pleased with the great support, responsive staff and all the time saving functionality the software has to offer.

- Stephanie Leathers, Administrator

Angel's Touch

We have been using senior insight for 10+ years. Being able to access electronic medical record any where allow us to provide the best care for our resident's even when management and the nurse are not physically in the buildings. The faxing capabilities save time by quickly filing new orders in the electronic medical record, and having all faxes go to a centralized location. Ecares gives our staff detailed information about resident's ADLs which is directly linked to our care plans. This allows for the most accurate documentation. Senior insight is constantly upgrading and improving their system to make the most user friendly and up to date system.

- Amanda Steinfeldt, RN / Sheila Steinfeldt, Owner

Aspen Leaf

Our facility has been using Senior Insight/MyALSoftware for 5+ years. But as administrator as a previous facility as well I have been using it for more 8 years. Vince and all of his staff are extremely responsive and always willing to go the extra mile to meet our needs. If the program doesn’t do exactly what we want just give Vince and his programmers a day or two and it will!

Love all the changes that keep happening to make this area of running a facility be painless! Creating resident paperwork or using the electronic version will make your documentation process much easier. I had tried another software option and there is no comparison in the assisted living world!

- Kathy Dyer, Owner /Operator

Manor on the Hill

We have found Senior Insight to be very customizable and flexible allowing us to set-up the system to meet our needs. The changes we requested were made and completed, usually within 48 hours. And when we wanted to tweak further, rather than being exasperated, they simply made the additional changes. They valued our feedback and suggestions and incorporated them into their platform. Unlike other systems, Senior Insight appears to be an elastic and not static code so changes are quick and easy

Their training was superb and Vincent displayed great patience answering each question thoroughly and completely before moving on.

I've been working with Senior Insight for three months now as we transition from a paper-system to their web based application. I am very pleased thus far.

- Peter S. Rost, Executive Director

Eaton Senior Communities Inc.

We’ve been utilizing Senior Insight for many years in our community. The software is easy to use and helps keep our medication program organized. We receive superior, timely support from the Senior Insight team when we contact them for any reason.

- Diana Delgado, Chief Operating Officer

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